The trial has begun of activists who occupied the University of Milan’s pharmacology department on 20th April 2013, aimed to shed light on the brutality of animal research. In front of the Milan palace of justice a great solidarity demo was held to give us support and to talk about vivisection to people and media that showed interest.

By choosing to take on this trial we fully claim that we would do again what we did that day. We are undertaking a new campaign aimed at revealing what we found inside the lab.

The trial has been postponed until 30th October and we are not afraid of the legal consequences of our actions as we saved hundreds of lives. Furthermore University of Milan and CNR (National council for researches) asked to be compensated for the damages they claim we caused them.

Here below the official communique with more information about our action.

On 28th April 2017 a trial against five activists from Fermare Green Hill campaign will begin.

The activists are charged with crimes related to their daylight occupation of an animal facility at the University of Milan’s pharmacology department. Fermare Green Hill (Stop Green Hill) campaign’s primary target was a dog-breeding facility near Brescia, Italy, that eventually was shut down for good.

On 20th April 2013 the five remained within the animal facility for over ten hours, in order to shed light on the brutality of animal research.

Images and information that researchers would never make public finally came out. Appalling conditions for the animals, who are deemed as sacrificed in the name of science, were well documented.

Hundreds of people answered our call for support and created a sit-in at the bottom of the building, under an endless pouring rain. After a heated negotiation amongst activists, police officers and the university’s directors, 400 mice and one rabbit left their prison that evening along with us.

We now call on you and ask for your support because those five activists are about to face a harsh period in which they want to once again draw attention to the issue of animal experimentation, as well as defending themselves in a courtroom. They have to account for private facility trespassing, private violence (for chaining themselves around the neck, thwarting access to the floor), and damage (nothing was actually damaged but researchers stated that by simply entering those rooms years of research were destroyed).

We will be telling the truth in the courtroom; namely, we would do again and again exactly what we did that day.

Because we want justice for everyone who was denied freedom and life that day and for those thousands of individuals locked up and sacrificed inside laboratories all over the world.

The trial date, 28th April will be also the fifth anniversary of that historical beautiful day in Montichiari (where Green Hill’s dog-breeding facility was based), when in full daylight the farm was stormed, fences were broken down and dozens of dogs were rescued.

Once again we want to keep on tearing down the walls of silence that allow vivisection to exist.

Join in, share, support!

Coordinamento fermare Green Hill